Fifth and Final Course

Oh the horror I had with this! I have baked numerous cakes in my life so I figured this would be simple for me. Boy was I wrong! I can’t say exactly where I went wrong, but this cake crumbled in my hands. It was all going well until after I let it cool and went to stack one layer on the other. I had iced in between the layers and was starting on the top when the whole cake just started splitting in about 4 places. The more I tried to salvage it, the worse it got. I ended up picking the whole thing up and just tossing it in the trash (what a capitol thing to do!) After some reassurance from my boyfriend and then my mom, I attempted it again and I am happy to say it worked. Oh and I can’t forget to mention, it was DELICIOUS! This cake is very moist and decadent. I used the icing recipe they included which was just a good. This cake called for a cup of coffee but don’t worry non-coffee lovers, there wasn’t a trace of coffee flavor in the cake. I ended up making whipped cream for the top with some left over heavy whipping cream used in the orange chicken. This cake is a must for chocolate lovers!

Fourth Course

He presses a button on the side of the table. The top splits and from below rises a second tabletop that holds our lunch. Chicken and chunks of oranges cooked in a creamy sauce. (Chapter 5)

To be honest, I wasn’t too crazy about this chicken. The recipe says to put the mandarin oranges into the pan with the chicken and cream sauce. I thought the ended up a bit too mushy. The cream sauce seemed to mostly cook away in the pan as well. While the chicken was good, I would have liked it to have more of a orange flavor. Perhaps some orange peel in the sauce or some herbs would have helped the flavor. If you are planning on making this chicken, prepare ahead of time unless you have an quick marinator. The chicken has to marinate for at least 4 hours before cooking so give yourself time! I, being the stressed space ball I was that day, didn’t check to see how long it would take to make and panicked when I realized, at 6 pm, that I had to marinate it. The odds seemed to be in my favor though because my mom had a quick marinator. Whew! So in the end, the chicken was ok, but probably not a recipe I care to repeat.

Third Course

I was so hesitant about this course: Lamb Stew with Dried Plums. It appears throughout the Hunger Games many times and is favored by Katniss. This was my first time having lamb. I made sure to get good, fresh meat from the local college food science. I let my mom cut it up because I don’t really enjoy handling raw meat. This stew had a hefty ingredient list and cook time. By the time we cut up the meat and browned it, started the stew, and added the vegetables to cook, about 3 hours had passed. Lamb has a very odd smell when it is cooked. I was told it has a wild game smell but since I have never cooked wild game, I can’t vouch for that. It did make me nervous to try it though. The verdict: I liked it! The stew was great and the plums added the perfect amount of sweetness. This is a very hearty stew full of carrots, potatoes, zucchini, and other vegetables. I really suggest everyone gives it a try! It was delicious and gave me the opportunity to discover a new food I liked!

Second Course

I just had to do this one (skipping the burnt part!) Who doesn’t love the bread scene? It plays such a pivitol role in Katniss and Peeta’s relationship! When Katniss brings home the burnt bread Peeta throws her, she describes it as

I scraped off the black stuff and sliced the bread. We ate an entire loaf, slice by slice. It was good hearty bread, filled with raisins and nuts. (Chapter 2)

This bread was delicious! This was my first time making bread that required kneading. The only bread I have ever made is banana bread which is a totally different process than banana bread. I had trouble kneading in all the raisins and walnuts so I made my boyfriend do it. I kind of had my own Peeta for awhile. :) The whole process was pretty simple and it made a ton of bread. You can cut the recipe in half if you only want one loaf instead of two. This is a bread that is pretty sweet. I would suggest toasting it up for breakfast or as an afternoon snack!

First Course

When I decided to do this meal I wanted to stick with foods actually mentioned in the Hunger Games (some of the recipes come straight from foods mentioned in the book and some are recipes of food that would likely be seen in the Capitol or districts). For starters I took a recipe from the chapter: Humble Beginnings. It is also the first food mentioned in the book: Prim’s Basil-Wrapped Goat Cheese Balls. Out of everything, these were the simplest to make. There were very few ingredients, which were all common household items, like pepper and olive oil. While I think they needed a little less olive oil, I thought they were fantastic! Unlike Katniss, who spread hers on the bread Gale brought, we ate ours wrapped in the basil leaves. They tasted great alone but I am sure the goat cheese mixture would be excellent spread on bread or crackers as well. Goat cheese has a very distinct, tangy flavor that isn’t for everyone. It is usually pricier than other cheese so try a sample of it first to make sure you like it before you make this recipe!

5 Course Hunger Games Meal

As you know, the Hunger Games movie came out on Friday. In honor of the movie I decided to start off this blog with a full feast, Capitol style. It took an entire day with help from my boyfriend, mom, and her boyfriend. I love to cook but when the dishes start piling up and something goes awry, I stress out and do drastic things as you will see in a later post. All in all the feast turned out fantastically and I can now say I have tried and like some new foods!


Hello to you all and welcome to my Hunger Games food blog! Here I will be creating, tasting, and blogging about recipes from The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook. Yes, even the raccoon and squirrel. I hope you will all follow me on this journey to explore a world of food from our beloved Hunger Games books.